Arcus Servo Motion Inc is a company dedicated to providing high-end servo motor products to simplify manufacturing operations.

With the rapid emergence of Industry 4.0/ Industrial IoT, there is an increasing need for the ability to not only precisely control but also comprehensively monitor a servo motion system. Arcus Servo Motion offers an innovative, first-of-its-kind solution that monitors the health state of any servo motion system to prevent failure pre-emptively, allowing for efficient, cost-effective, and unobstructed running of machines and factories.

Arcus Servo Motion announces a new generation of Servo 5.0 compatible Servo Motor Controllers called the TITAN series. TITAN controllers provide powerful, intelligent servo motion control that works universally with most commonly used motor types. TITAN servo controllers have many advanced servo control features and set the foundation for the Servo 5.0 standard. It supports the special EDGE analytics and predictive machine learning algorithm called 2ndSight to meet the challenges facing the merging Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory Market.

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