LUTZE Systematic Technology

Since the founding of the firm over 50 years ago it has been the corporate philosophy to be among the leading suppliers in the automation industry featuring highly innovative products.

Our comprehensive supply program is optimally harmonized to meet all your needs. Our product portfolio reaches from Control Cables to LSC-Wiring Systems; Interface and Suppression technology, Power Supplies and Field Bus technology up to network controlled Ethernet. Of course we offer application support with our products.

Our own R&D department makes it possible to realize customized special developments and product applications. Numerous international patents and the focus to offer better solutions prove the outstanding range of services of Lutze.

With the most modern test equipments and continuous advancement of our products we ensure continuous high quality. However what is more important is that quality is part of our corporate culture and lived by every employee.

Cable + Connectivity

LÜTZE designs and manufactures control products for factory automation and specializes in flexible industrial control and power cables such as LÜTZE Silflex®, LÜTZE Superflex®, and DRIVEFLEX® VFD cables. 

Our comprehensive product range consists of industrial cables for both flexible/static as well as continuous flexing applications.

LÜTZE Flexible Cable and Wire Management for Industrial Automation:

  • Control cable
  • Electronic cable
  • Actuator Sensor cable
  • BUS and Network cable
  • Motor Supply, VFD, Servo and Feedback cable
  • Hook up wire
  • Metal and plastic fittings in NPT, PG and metric


LÜTZE LSC Wiring System consists of a modular frame that allows for simple mounting of control components including the wiring.  This innovative system can be installed into all conventional control cabinets.  Integrating the wiring management into the frame eliminates the need for wireway, as was traditionally the case, resulting in a highly compact system offering many advantages.  

During the design engineering stage LÜTZE’s LSC team will design the best frame layout suited for each customer’s application.  Purchasing is simplified by designating a single part number for the entire frame assembly.  During the control cabinet LSC frame installation the prefabricated frame can be immediately populated, wired and then installed into the control cabinet, thus resulting in reduced installation time.


LUTZE provides reliable industrial power supplies through innovative design and engineering with 1- , 2- and 3-phase units.  Both Compact and Delta series offer DIN rail mountable power supplies suitable for a wide variety of different applications.

LÜTZE LOCC-Box provides reliable load monitoring and protection in 24V DC control circuits. Innovative features include adjustable trip current range (1-10A), adjustable characteristics (fast, med, slow 1, slow 2 and slow 3), output alarm signal at 90% of the load setting, remote reset and remote on/off functions. In addition to factory floor applications, LOCC-Box serves very well in remote locations and other hard to access applications. Narrow construction ensures compact design even with multi-channel configurations. No derating required as LOCC-Box functions independently of ambient temperature.

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